About Vicki

Vicki's Mission is Clear.

Vicki is a lifelong conservative Republican who believes in limited government. She has worked to streamline services, improve the customer service culture, and has already killed a tax increase.
Vicki understands business. She grew up in a small-business household and now owns the Yakima Grocery Outlet store with her husband, Dennis. Vicki has signed both sides of a paycheck and understands what it is like to manage employees in a competitive, low-margin industry. She has been working from the beginning of COVID-19, advocating daily with the Yakima Health District, legislators and the Governor’s office for a safe reopening of Yakima County.
Vicki and Dennis have raised their 22-year-old daughter, Lauren, in Yakima. They have been active in a variety of community organizations including Riverside Christian School and Habitat for Humanity.

Vicki is working for YOU.

Vicki at her Swearing In.

July 20, 2020
“Many people have asked how I was appointed as our County Commissioner, so let me explain.

When Commissioner Mike Leita retired after 15 years, the Republican Party was tasked with finding three candidates for the job. 11 people signed up, and we went through an election process in the Republican Party. I won that process with 52% of the vote, and was advanced with two other candidates. The three candidates were then interviewed and screened by the Yakima County Commissioners. The Commissioners selected me, and I was sworn into office in January 2020.

Before I decided I wanted to do this job, I spent many months in 2019 attending all of the public meetings I could. I asked the Commissioners and staff endless questions, and I met as many stakeholders as possible (contractors, architects, farmers, ranchers, law enforcement, DOC, NY conservation district, water experts, etc). I am really glad I did, so I could hit the ground running!

I am giving you my all, working long hours, much more than full time. I have hired my replacement at our store, so I can focus all my energy on county business. I love my job, and I hope to win your support and vote!”
~Vicki Baker
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