“Baker’s selection was right choice” -Nolan Wentz letter to the editor

To the editor — As one of the three names offered to fulfill Mike Leita’s term on the Board of Yakima County Commissioners, I find I have a unique perspective. Although I have only known Vicki Baker for a few years, I have come to greatly respect and value her passion for service. I watched her spend countless hours of her own time working with legislators to learn how to navigate our state’s systems in preparation for handling the difficult tasks she has faced this past year.

Those who are willing to take on the great risks that come with being in the public spotlight have always earned my respect. Baker is one of those genuinely worthy people I have had the privilege of meeting. She has the energy and desire to help move Yakima County forward, and I know her to be the right person for the position. I know her selection this past fall was the correct one. She has worked tirelessly for her accomplishments since then, compounded by the coronavirus issue, and has proved she was and is the best choice. It is an honor to support Vicki Baker, and I hope you will join me in retaining her for Yakima County commissioner.

Full Article: Yakima Herald

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