Vicki is Conservative.

She believes in:

  • Low Taxes
  • Small Government
  • Governmental Support & Opportunities
  • Government as a Safety Net
Vicki supports all of the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment that guarantees the right to bear arms and the Tenth Amendment that gives states authority over most issues.

She has been an active Republican for many years. Vicki has helped organize numerous Yakima Valley political events, has worked on several local political races, and has helped get conservative Republicans elected to various city, county and state offices.

Vicki knows though, that her job as a county commissioner is less partisan than most elected positions. After all, pot holes are seldom Democrat or Republican and she’s fighting for the whole community.
Vicki was raised in a pro-gun family and believes people have the right to protect themselves and their families.

Granger, WA with Mayor Jose Trevino

July 17, 2020
“Thank you for a great conversation and tour of Granger, Mayor Jose Trevino! You have been a strong fiscal conservative for your residents, as you demonstrated with this road project. It saved $200k for the taxpayers – great job!

I appreciate the conversation with your team today, and the feedback on important issues we are all facing together. We will accomplish great things in this valley when we collaborate!”
~Vicki Baker
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