Covid 19 Fight

Vicki is leading the effort.

Vicki is leading the effort to get Yakima County workers back on the job. Vicki knows that the local economy will not heal until stores and businesses are open and people can leave their homes. Winning this battle is her top priority.

As a sitting county commissioner, Vicki is a member of the Yakima County Health District’s Board of Health, which oversees the local fight against the virus.

Within weeks of taking office, America came under the grip of the COVID-19 virus and Vicki’s job description quickly changed. She now spends a major part of every day — seven days a week — helping coordinate the healthcare response to the disease and planning a return to normal for the Valley’s residents and businesses.

Vicki’s experience owning and running a small, family business reinforces her belief that Yakima County’s storefronts need to be opened and running as soon as possible. She knows that a community won’t survive without a strong and vibrant private sector, selling products and offering services and providing well-paying jobs.

Vicki has been working hard for businesses to safely reopen

CARES Grant Checks Ready to Mail

August 21, 2020
“What an exciting day!

I presented a check for the first half of our Small Business Cares Grants to Jonathan Smith of the Yakima County Development Association.

Nearly $1.2 million in checks are going out soon to help our small businesses!

These resources are very much needed and a team of people are already assembling the checks to go out ASAP!

I’m proud to have been part of this accomplishment and I will continue working to find additional ways to help our businesses that have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 shutdown.”
~Vicki Baker
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