Meloney Rosen letter to the editor

To the editor — Vicki Baker has my vote for county commissioner. She is a natural leader, lives by the same rules she asks others to, and is generous in all aspects of her life.

Baker has been supporting the Yakima community for all her adult life. She has worked quietly behind the scenes in multiple organizations offering her time, work experience, and conservative values to build a better future for Yakima. An example of this: She has routinely “filled pantries” of Habitat homes for the past 15-plus years. When a home is sold to a family, she arranges with the local office for the pickup of groceries for the pantry. When the team arrives to get the groceries, we find enough groceries to fill the fridge, freezer, cupboards, bathrooms etc. One of the recipients of the groceries exclaimed, “We have never seen so much food in our house!”

Full Article: Yakima Herald

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