Vicki understands business.

She grew up in a small-business household and now owns the Yakima Grocery Outlet store with her husband, Dennis. Vicki has signed both sides of a paycheck and understands what it is like to manage employees in a competitive, low-margin industry.

Until she was tapped to replace Mike Leita as a Yakima County Commissioner, Vicki — along with her husband, Dennis, and the hard-working Grocery Outlet crew — built that enterprise into the solid, successful business it is today. Yakima’s Grocery Outlet provides jobs and other opportunities to dozens of local workers and has helped grow Yakima into an even better and stronger community.

Vicki has fought hard for businesses. She has testified and lobbied on business issues at all levels of government, including Yakima City Hall, the county courthouse and the halls of the state capitol in Olympia. She has advocated for lower taxes and fair policies to assist small businesses as an active member of the NFIB’s Leadership Council. She worked with the Washington Food Industry Association’s board of directors for balanced rules and regulations, for lower taxes and for an even playing field. Vicki hasn’t just complained about terrible policy in Olympia and Washington DC, she has stood up and worked hard for the small business community.

She was honored with a selection to the Washington State Department of Revenue’s Business Advisory Council in 2018, where she carries an equal voice with Amazon and Microsoft on tax policy and fair implementation.

Vicki is a voice for business.

Vicki at Fruit City, Union Gap

August 17, 2020
“Small business advocacy is a crucial part of being a County Commissioner.

Having many years of experience running a small business with employees in Yakima, is key. I killed a tax increase on my 3rd day in office. I’ve been fighting for small business in Olympia for years, long before I was ever a County Commissioner. I’m your voice and I want to hear what obstacles and issues are impacting you.

I met with with JR and Lynn of Fruit City, Union Gap this weekend to listen to concerns they have with the current Covid-19 guidelines. Thank you for sharing your valuable personal experience Fruit City Boys!”
~Vicki Baker
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