Vicki could use your help.

Volunteers are a critical part of any campaign, and Vicki’s campaign is no different. She needs you!

Supporting Vicki can come in many forms. From something as simple as putting up a yard sign, endorsing her, or contributing to her campaign financially – up to being fully active and door knocking, recruiting, or hosting an event or podcast for Vicki.

Whatever your level of commitment to helping Vicki’s campaign, we want it! Every bit helps, just like every vote counts.

Speaking of votes, even if you aren’t interested in volunteering, please be sure to vote for Vicki come election time. There is no better way to show your support, than by casting your vote for Vicki. Thank you!

Vicki is working for YOU, so help us work for HER.
Together, we can keep Vicki Baker working for us!

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Ways to Help Vicki

Display Yard Sign

Donate Money

Endorse Vicki

Vote for Vicki

Host An Event

Host A Podcast

Door Knocking

Recruit Others

May 12, 2020
“I filed for office on the first day because I want to keep fighting for our citizens and businesses!”
~Vicki Baker

Vicki filing for office.

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